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When the Constitutional Convention came to an impasse in Philadelphia in June of 1787, Benjamin Franklin proclaimed, “We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings that ‘except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it’”. The impasse was broken by prayer, and the Constitution was completed. 

Over the past decades, American Constitutional roots & freedoms have been unraveling. 

"Politics won't change until the culture changes, and the culture won't change until people do." ~ Chuck Colson

Therefore, several women met in WDC to strategize a way to change the culture, which resulted in the American Prayer Initiative, designed to help draw "we the people" of this nation back to the One upon whom she was founded ~ asking for His aid in the re-building of our land on the Biblically based principles established by our Founders.

Except the Lord re-build the house, they labor in vain that re-build it.

Among the women were:

Vonette Bright ~ Co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ; Founder, National Day of Prayer; Author.

Shirley Dobson ~ Chair, National Day of Prayer; Author.

Penny Nance ~ CEO, Concerned Women for America.

Janet Parshall ~ Radio Talk Show Host of “In the Market”, Moody Broadcasting.

Anita Staver ~ Attorney; President of Liberty Counsel.

Devi Titus ~ President, Global Pastors Wives Network; Author; Speaker.

Katherine Bright ~ National Director, Discover God 4Kids, Bright Media.

Brenda Josee ~ Ministry & Creative Consultant, Bright Media Foundation; former US Senate candidate (OR).

Kay Coles James ~ Founder of the Gloucester Institute; Director, U.S Office of Personnel Management under President George W. Bush. 

Marilyn Musgrave ~ Former Congresswoman (CO); Vice President & Legislative Director, Susan B. Anthony List. 

Susan Allen ~  Former First Lady of Virginia, Senate wife & Congressional wife. Author, Speaker.

Dee Jepsen ~ White House Liaison to Women for President Reagan; Author; Artist;

                      Founder of “Enough is Enough”; Wife of former Senator Roger Jepsen (IA).

Rebecca Hagelin ~ President, Rebecca Hagelin Communications & Marketing;

former Vice President of the Heritage Foundation:  Author;  Columnist.

Beverly Tauke ~ Family Counselor; former Press Secretary for Senator Grassley; Author;

                            Wife of former Congressman Tom Tauke (IA).

Nancy Schulze ~ Founder, Congressional Wives Speakers;  Chuck Colson "Centurion";  Speaker; Singer;

Wife of former Congressman Dick Schulze (PA).

Vicki Tiahrt ~ Co-founder, Congressional Wives Speakers; Wife of former Congressman Todd Tiahrt (KS).

Mariam Bell ~ Board Member, World Magazine; The late Chuck Colson's Liaison to Capitol Hill.  

Jennifer Kemp Andrews ~ Daughter of the late Jack Kemp; Bible Study teacher; wife; mother; former teacher. 

And others ...


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